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What our customers say:

Doug Torrie of Seattle, WA says....
MeMe's cafe has the best food this side of Toronto.  I always try to stop there when in the "Burg". 

Paul Knowles says....

Sometimes, a place simply gets it right. That's certainly the case at MeMe's Café in New Hamburg. The menu is creative, interesting, and offers a great variety of tastes. The service is superb. The ambience is unique - Meredith Hagen has developed a friendly, comfortable, eclectic café which is popular with an intriguing variety of customers. Where else can you find a group of church ladies dining comfortably next to a table of young, tattooed artists? You'll see executives on a break from their offices greeting local musicians, who are meeting to plan their next gigs. There are teachers and organic farmers; retailers and fitness trainers. I eat lunch or have a coffee break at MeMe's several times a week - it's always a good experience, and it's never boring!




Where to Find Us:          [Click for Hours of Operation ]

102 Peel Street, New Hamburg Ontario